The struggle to form a government in Italy

Pablo Martín de Santa Olalla. Once the consultations on the formation of the new government had begun, Mattarella was facing a difficult task, since there were many combinations and several candidates to chair it. The starting point is the accord between Movimento Cinque Stelle and Liga Norte to elect the presidents of the chambers. Let the Italian politicians surprise us once again with their ability to reach an impossible pact at the last minute.

Catalanism in the Valencian Community

Fernando R. Genovés. The Valencian Community is facing an extremely important challenge. It must choose between consolidating an open and modern society, committed to projects on a national scale, or abandoning itself to a local policy at the service of spurious interests, to a centrifugal passion where sectarian and exclusionary practices rule.

Colombia at the ballot box

Santiago José Castro Agudelo. El próximo 27 de mayo Colombia celebra la primera vuelta de sus presidenciales. Una vez más el partido que decidirá la elección es el Partido Conservador, con todo y sus problemas internos. Uribe y Duque deberían concentrar sus esfuerzos en concretar la alianza con el Partido Conservador y con el conservatismo en general. De lo contrario, Vargas Lleras, el candidato de Cambio Radical, puede terminar por adelantarse.

Putin, the undisputed Tsar

Fundación FAES. Putin has won the elections without any competition and has fulfilled his main objective: to be himself the succession to power. A renewed sense of stability and national pride has re-emerged during his tenure, and with a deeply divided opposition he is not expected to lead his country towards democratization during his new term. He simply will not risk that any real liberalisation could lead to the disappearance of his own regime.

Italia, de nuevo ante una auténtica encrucijada política

Pablo Martín de Santa Olalla. Suceda lo que suceda con las negociaciones para formar gobierno, quien debe tomar nota de lo sucedido en Italia es Bruselas, porque el gran perdedor de estos comicios no es ni Berlusconi ni Renzi, sino la política comunitaria. Los italianos se han vuelto, en muchos casos, radicales antieuropeístas porque culpan a la UE del paro juvenil, la precariedad laboral y las oleadas inmigratorias. Y todo esto en un país que no solo es la tercera economía de la eurozona, sino que ostenta la categoría de “país fundador” de la actual UE.

The coalition agreement in Germany: winners, losers and the uncertain future of Merkel

Adriaan Ph. V. Kühn. SPD and CDU-CSU reached an agreement in order to build up a Government. Critical voices in the conservative alliance has been played down by the last events: new elections would pose a threat to recently resigned Schulz's party, whilst CDU has not presented itself as a clear alternative to the Merkelian leadership. The main question is how these events will affect the long-term German party system.

Ecuadorian Query, another defeat of the 'Socialism of the 21st Century'

Michel Magul y Juan Manuel Velasco. The Ecuadorian people expressed their opinion in favor of important shifts regarding Government issues and Law changes, which take part in the democratic strengthening of their country. The electoral contest brought two antagonistic Models of Nation State in dispute; and with the victory of the YES the rejection of the Latin American people to the 21st century socialism is further consolidated and it is one more defeat of the detrimental populism that is starting to lose its strength throughout the region.

Trump’s first year and beyond

Cristina Crespo Palomares. Donald Trump first speech on the State of the Nation has become the ideal moment to review the main characteristics of his first-year mandate. The construction through Twitter of a simplistic speech, lacking moral and political responsibility, has gave him the main connection with more than 100 million followers. He has focused on domestic politics—the economic situation has improved, and expectations could not be better—he has only look abroad for very concrete interests.