The coalition agreement in Germany: winners, losers and the uncertain future of Merkel

Adriaan Ph. V. Kühn. SPD and CDU-CSU reached an agreement in order to build up a Government. Critical voices in the conservative alliance has been played down by the last events: new elections would pose a threat to recently resigned Schulz's party, whilst CDU has not presented itself as a clear alternative to the Merkelian leadership. The main question is how these events will affect the long-term German party system.

Ecuadorian Query, another defeat of the 'Socialism of the 21st Century'

Michel Magul y Juan Manuel Velasco. The Ecuadorian people expressed their opinion in favor of important shifts regarding Government issues and Law changes, which take part in the democratic strengthening of their country. The electoral contest brought two antagonistic Models of Nation State in dispute; and with the victory of the YES the rejection of the Latin American people to the 21st century socialism is further consolidated and it is one more defeat of the detrimental populism that is starting to lose its strength throughout the region.

Trump’s first year and beyond

Cristina Crespo Palomares. Donald Trump first speech on the State of the Nation has become the ideal moment to review the main characteristics of his first-year mandate. The construction through Twitter of a simplistic speech, lacking moral and political responsibility, has gave him the main connection with more than 100 million followers. He has focused on domestic politics—the economic situation has improved, and expectations could not be better—he has only look abroad for very concrete interests.

Another crucial year for Latinamerica

José Herrera. Costa Rica, Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico will hold democratic elections in the next months and Sebastián Piñera will take office in Chile. To this we must add the show organized by Castrism to perpetuate itself in Cuba and the call for presidential elections made by the illegitimate Constituent Assembly. All this can affect in a significant way the political and economic future of the region.

"Mi compromiso es con la legalidad, el emprendimiento y la equidad"

Iván Duque. “Enfrentar la corrupción, el crimen organizado y la impunidad ha de unirse a la generación de empleo y el impulso a la industria y la innovación tecnológica”, ha afirmado Iván Duque, candidato a la presidencia de Colombia, para quien “esa unión de legalidad y emprendimiento nos conduce a la equidad, a un país con empleo formales y reformas que permitan a muchas familias migrar hacia la clase media con éxito”.

2018: un año para recuperar la democracia liberal

Eduardo Fernández Luiña. Los sistemas democráticos sufren una crisis de legitimidad, lo que, sumado al avance del populismo, ocasiona que la democracia liberal corra el riesgo de desaparecer y convertirse en otra cosa. Para corregir esta situación parece necesario volver a su esencia: proteger el compromiso con la defensa de la estructura de derechos y libertades individuales y los valores liberales.

Iran: the genie out of the bottle

Javier Gil Guerrero. The Islamic Republic of Iran has refined the art of blaming on its external enemies the internal dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, the origin of the last protests lies on the attempt of the ultraconservative clergy to damage and discredit President Rohaní. What started as a manipulation of the streets inside the framework of the typical fight of the elite of the country transformed into a massive and widespread movement of protests. Surely, the learned lection is that in a future it would be better to settle accounts behind the scenes rather than involving the streets.

Italy, on the way to new general elections

Pablo Martín de Santa Olalla. The Italian President has just put an end to the XVIII legislative term and the country finds itself now before a new political dilemma in which everything is possible. Two months before the elections, the situation seems in favor of the center right coalition, not officially presented as such yet, although the Movement Cinque Stelle holds around the 30% of support. Nevertheless, the favorite option in Europe would be the to reissue the pact between Partido Democratico and Forza Italia.